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Dec 21, 2021

My guest this week is the Priest at St. Andrew Orthodox Christian Church in Lockhart, Texas, Father Ignatius. We get into the rich history and traditions of the Orthodox Church: the Divine Liturgy, the icons, the saints, the Church Fathers, and more. His Church proudly never closed their doors during the lockdowns. They remained open, not only for worship, but for clothing, food, and supplies for anyone who needed them during the great snow storm of 2021. "We've never shut our doors for lockdowns, and we never will," he says in our discussion. Father Ignatius also discusses the importance of keeping to the tradition of exactly how they've done communion for thousands of years, despite the pressures of modern day scare tactics from outside the Church. The Orthodox Church remains unchanged for thousands of years, and many people are discovering just how beautiful and important that can be. I think you will really enjoy this discussion.

For more information on St. Andrew Orthodox Christian Church, go here:

To watch Father Ignatius serving and performing the Divine Liturgy at a Church in nearby Pflugerville, TX, go here:


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