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Jan 25, 2023

This week, Archpriest Father John Whiteford is on the show, and we discuss the themes in his four-part series, "The Birth of a New Religion". This series examines the threats of modern society that Father John sees creeping into Orthodox Christianity. These would be: Ecumenism, the LGBTQ ideology, pro-abortion sentiments, and renovationism. We discuss each of these and how/why they are a threat to Orthodoxy. We see the US State Dept. funding the NATO/Ukrainian push to eliminate Christ's True Church in Ukraine, the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. Not only to eliminate but to murder ordained priests and burn the Churches to the ground. Why are the globalist elites in the West determined to subvert Orthodox Christianity? Who is funding the forces in the US that are attempting to co-opt the Church? We get into all of this and more in this episode of the Counterflow Podcast.

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