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Counterflow with Buck Johnson

Jun 15, 2022

I am honored to have Justin Marler on with me this week. Justin is one of the first members of the band Sleep, as well as the creator of the 'zine "Death to the World". DTTW was an Orthodox Christian handmade magazine with a metal/punk rock aesthetic that Justin created when he was a Monk at the St. Herman's of Alaska Orthodox Monastery in Platina, CA. Justin came of age in the Bay Area punk rock scene, living with guys from Green Day and Rancid in a club/warehouse in the East Bay. They were a brotherhood united in rebelling against the norms and ways of the modern world... that was until he noticed that he was still longing for something more fulfilling and less nihilistic. He happened to meet an Orthodox Christian nun who introduced him to Orthodoxy, and his world was forever changed. He became a Monk for seven years and lived what he realized was actually the last true rebellion. We discuss this unique journey, his book, his 'zines, his music, and more.

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