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May 11, 2020

My guest this week is the great writer, Peter Van Buren. He is here to give his humorous take and brilliant insights on the insane moment that we are living through right now. Many on the left have been paralyzed by a fear of leaving the house, and they're pushing their religion of Statism and Fear on the rest of us. They have become like rescue dogs, constantly imagining new fears and odd things to freak out about. Apparently, the same people that have promised Trump is a Russian spy, we have to take out Assad, Trump will cause a depression after he takes office, Robert Mueller will change everything, and so on and so on are now telling us that locking down an economy and not allowing people to work is the only way to save humanity. They're also telling us that now, believing "all women" isn't a priority like it was during the Kavanaugh hearings. Can you believe these people? Do their loud monotonous voices drive you crazy? Then you'll appreciate this chat between Peter Van Buren and me.

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