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Dec 28, 2022

This week, Dr. Mark McDonald is back on the show, and as per usual, we aren't shying away from spicy topics. Mark has a wonderful Substack where I found two pieces recently that we dive into. "The Disappearance of the American Man" and "Why American Women Are Undatable". Broadly, men have become lazy, apathetic, unhealthy, and unwilling to go out and date. Why is this? Why are testosterone levels so low? Does it have anything to do with the feminization of the United States? How did what happened in 2020 impact this? Does the fact that many women are mentally unstable, narcissistic, angry, and undateable? When did this phenomenon happen? How is it all related? We get into ALL of this. Towards the end, we discuss the depression that many people feel in December and how that can be conquered.

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