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Death To Tyrants Podcast

Oct 28, 2019

My guest this week is Jack Hunter, writer at Rare, The Washington Examiner and more. We discuss his article, "Democrats Hate Tulsi Gabbard Because She Reminds Them What They Used To Stand For". Jack and I discuss the attacks that Tulsi is receiving from the likes of Hillary Clinton, CNN, NY Times and other pro-war establishment voices. Remember when the Democrats ran against wars in the Middle East? Now Tulsi is the only voice in the primaries speaking out against these forever wars that the US remains in and she is under fire from conventional pro-war mouthpieces. Have the neocons moved into the Democratic Party? Why are Democrats "anti-Trump" more than they are "anti-war"? Are most people tired of the claims from Hillary Clinton that everyone she hates is a Russian Agent? Let's hope so. 

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