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Death To Tyrants Podcast

Oct 21, 2019

My guest today is, Cjay Engel, the proprietor of Bastion Magazine, formerly know as Austro-Libertarian magazine. We discuss the magazine name change and that gets us into a deeper discussion on libertarianism. Cjay and I talk about the identity crisis that libertarianism is facing and the problems that will arise going forward. Many left libertarians are happy to just be anti authority and libertines with no appreciation for Western traditions or culture. There seems to be a cultural war going on within politics and society in general and the libertarian movement is certainly not immune to it. The universalists and neocons have spread their message far and wide and people like Bill Weld and Nick Sarwark have infected the liberty movement with that virus. Bastion Magazine is taking a stance against that type of thick libertarianism and we here at Death To Tyrants couldn't agree more with Cjay. Share this episode. Go to iTunes and give us a rating and a review if ya have a moment. 

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