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Mar 7, 2023

My guest this week, in what is one of my favorite interviews to date, is David Gornoski. David is the host of the radio show, A Neighbor's Choice, a show that looks at politics, science, and culture through the lens of Jesus' personhood revolution. On his radio show and also on his online-exclusive podcast and film series, THINGS HIDDEN, David has interviewed personalities like Ron Paul, Jordan Peterson, and Slavoj Žižek. David has also written multiple essays and columns promoting Jesus' nonviolent ethos and personhood revolution for publications such as the DailyCaller, Townhall, American Conservative, and FEE.

In this episode, David breaks down Rene Girard's Mimetic Theory, and as this episode plays out, he intertwines it through various subjects in a way that ties everything we discuss together. Christianity, politics, anthropology, societal relations... it's all here, and it's a wonderful discussion.

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