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Jan 18, 2023

One of my favorite guests is back with us this week. That would be Father Turbo Qualls. Fr. Turbo is an Orthodox Priest at St. Mary of Egypt Serbian Orthodox Church in Kansas City and part of the excellent "Royal Path" podcast. On this episode, Fr. Turbo and I discuss the spiritual warfare not only in the outside world, but within each of us. Sometimes, getting closer to the Light of Christ is a scary thing as the proverbial fat burns away. The demons play on our lust for comfort especially, and it can feel good in the moment to give into their call. We also dive into Fr. Turbo's punk rock days, and he details how being an "outsider" of sorts prepared him for Orthodoxy. Fr. Turbo drops a lot of wonderful wisdom in this episode, and I have no doubt that you will learn some things.

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