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Aug 16, 2022

This week is Part 2 of my discussion with Father Turbo Qualls. After we finished episode 217 with Fr Turbo, he and I decided we needed to talk again ASAP, and many of you let me know that you were eager to hear him on the show again. So this week, he and I got into the topic of "powers and principalities". Many of us see evil going on in this world and understand that there are forces behind the figureheads in government and corporations, but we sometimes have a hard time understanding just what these forces are. Fr Turbo does a wonderful job of breaking down the power structures, spiritual forces, tangible forces, where the true power lies, and what it all means. What are demons? Can we see them? Are they floating around, looking for someone to overtake? Are they even real, or is it just bad wiring in the brains of some folks? This is a great deep dive into all of that.

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