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Jun 28, 2022

I am so happy to finally get Monica Perez on the show this week. Monica is the host of the Propaganda Report podcast and Deep Dives, with Monica Perez, where she analyzes one of the top stories of the day from a perspective of truth, liberty, and justice. Monica was a radio host for 8.5 years on WSB Radio in Atlanta before she was unceremoniously dismissed. She's more than welcome on Counterflow, and this week, we cover a litany of topics. Monica is very adept at discerning what is propaganda and what is real information. We discuss that as well as false flags and the fact that they aren't always needed. Sometimes, there are incentives in place and the "perfect storm" is created for the regime to take advantage of. Monica and I also discuss how her political views have changed post-2020. I think you will really enjoy this chat.

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