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May 27, 2020

On this bonus episode, not only do I have a great guest in Megan Murphy, but I have a co-host in Bobby Pearson! Meghan Murphy is back on the show to discuss how elements of the left will not stand for her pure version of being a feminist. Meghan is very well known in the feminist movement, having started Feminist Current in 2012, Canada's leading feminist website. She now speaks to large crowds and is often protested by people within the trans community who try to shout her down for standing her ground and speaking up for women and free speech. I wanted to have her back on for a casual chat and to catch up on her latest projects such as her YouTube show, "The Same Drugs". My friend, fellow AnCap, and host of the "Not For Everyone" podcast, Bobby Pearson, is my co-host, and we wanted to just have a fun, casual chat with Meghan, and that's what this is.

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